Selas Serawen

Human Gunman


Race: Human
Age: 52
Body: Caucasian appearance. Bronzed Skin. Grey facial hair, unshaved look. Bald.
Green Eyes. Slim build, but still muscular. Average of height.

Clothing: Erebyn disciple uniform, orange/red, worn out and heavily used leather with loads
of black buttons, Heavy Leather Boots.

Accessories: Round glasses in a slender silver frame.
Leather fedora decorated by a long grey feather.

Weapons: One multishot gun with different ammunition, one single shot heavy gun (slow),
for self defense he carries a not so sharp sabre.

Character: Insecure of the “right path”, disenchanted, deeply respectful of religious people,
agnostic, deep resentment against politics, especially the High Council, honest,
sparing of words, uses irony and sarcasm.

Skills: Very high aiming skills, good sight and charismatic (when he has a goal though,
otherwise more or less apathetic), very experienced, non magic user, has a lot of
gimmicks and tricks.



Selas was born in the great civil war of Algaman. His Parents, siding with the High Council, arranged for him to be kept in an prestigious orphanage in the case of their deaths, what eventually happened. This shelter was located in the woods outside of Algaman in a remote and hidden valley, almost unnoticed by the rebels. As the war went by and the rebels took over half of the city, the orphanage went forgotten and the Disciples of Erebyn, who ran the orphanage, had to become self-sustaining. At this time, Selas was about seven years old and had to contribute to the surviving of the group. With the three disciples and the other orphans they were eleven people left on their own. They grew up together as a group with common destiny. Everyone looked out for each other.
A few years later the fights between the two warring parties rose up to an all time high and many seeked shelter in the orphanage. The refugees often stayed up until late and told the kids stories about what the rebels had done to them. It was then, that Selas resolved it was time to fight back. In this time he recruited a group of orphans, by now all about 17 years old, to raid rebel supply troops. This didn`t go unnoticed by friend and foe.
Margys Archimander, a mercenary group leader, took five orphans including Selas under his wings and taught them combat techniques. But the rebels soon found out, where the attacks were coming from and in one night they killed everyone in the orphanage except for Selas who was being mentored by Margys at that time. After seeing all his friends and the disciples dead he took an uniform from one of the disciples, and returned to Margys with a deep anger and resentment, fighting against the rebels whenever he could.
As the years went by, and as he learned that Margys would do anything for money (because that`s what mercenarys do) he left him and offered his service to the High Council. But in this period of life he only got delusioned by seeing deeper into the schemes and doings of the mighty and the rich. His lawful thinking was deeply disrupted and not knowing who to trust anymore and what was right or wrong he went back to being a mercenary under Margys, but chose only to do the job, if he felt it was right to do so. This made him loose many jobs and his former wealth ran down. He now lives in a small shack in the lousiest part of Algaman. In deep insecurity he is now wondering if there is even any purpose of living. Until he heard of the impact. Maybe an outer threat could bring meaning in his now purposeless life? So even if he doesn’t trust the Council anymore, he joined the mercenary group to investigate the impact, in search of purpose in life.

Selas Serawen

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