Name: Clayton
Age: 25
Description: grey eyes, black hair, longer and ragged, well built, lean
Interesting scar on his back, which he hides.


Clayton parents were the leaders of a small independent astrologic/pagane cult. They worshipped the stars, and were very attuned and sensitive to nature.

Clayton was named after a constellation of a beast/monster/thing [currently undecided].
When the meteorite hit, the tribe was filled with unknown expectation. When beasts started appearing, the tribe thought them to be spirits, the same as were written in the sky, and honored them as such.

When Clayton was 12, for his coming of age ceremony, he was cut from the nape of his neck to his lower back, and from elbow to elbow, so that his back is a cross.

The tribe was eradicated as pagane witches and wizards by the High Council. They and their homes were burned. One of the soldiers spared Clayton, who was then about 15 years old, and took him in as his own son. He was raised for those final years being taught that the beasts were enemies and should be killed. The man loved him, something that he hadn’t experienced in his old clan, and so he believed the man and grew up hunting the beats. (more out of revenge for the neglect of his tribe, than for true hatred of the beasts themselves.)

Currently: He lives by himself on the outskirts of the city/town in a sort of hut in the woods.
The catch: ever since he was 12, he had 5 separate occasions where he, while in the forest, would pass out quite randomly. He would wake up many hours later in a different place, with no recollection of what transpired during his sleep. Sometimes he would have cuts and bruises on him. These episodes have happened more frequently.

Conclusion: What he doesn’t know (and what none of the other characters will know for some time) is that he is possessed/bewitched by constellation/beast “Karven” of whom he was named after. When he passes out, he turns into this beast and causes destruction.
So he’s the very evil that he himself wants to destroy. ;)


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