Rule Book

As this world grows there have to be some rules established that do not really go into any of the other wikis. Therefore we will be bringing out some rules here. Mostly it will be about certain boundaries in which we can move, while writing about characters and the story.
Let this be a basic set of rules. If anyone wants to make ammendments for improvement, or find loopholes to bring through an idea in the story, please talk to your friendly game masters.

- Keep to what has been written by other people. This should be kind of obvious, but I want to state it again for completeness’s sake. When creating content, make sure it does not contradict what anybody else has established already. We want to have a world that is consistent with itself, so please respect other’s ideas in not overthrowing them so you can get through your own.
If I see something that seems inconsistent to it, I will have to ask you to alter your writing.

- No dragons. For reasons I cannot tell you now we have decided that you cannot create a dragon character, or anything related to dragons. If you really do have a burning desire to write something about a dragon, talk to Brittany and/or myself, and we will try to work something out.

- Magic. Obviously we are talking about a magical world. Magic is available, but not every kind to everybody. I want us to be able to play with magic, yet it mustn’t be too powerful, obviously. Most likely it will be related to the elements of Water, Earth, Fire and Wind, including offensive spells (like the good old fireball, or a lightning bolt), defensive spells (like maybe some kind of shield), as well as healing spells (simple antidote to healing wounds – probably no resurrection from the dead though).
There are wizards, magicians, witches, etc.. who have learned how to control parts of this magic. There are perhaps enchanted items somewhere out there, but the ability to use magic generally lies within the Adept, not withing a magic stick, staff, wand, etc..
Since no one really has created a wizard character, most of this may not be applicable. It is an open field of research, so everybody can kind of come up with their own spells, but if we consider them inappropriate for the world, we will have to either nerf, or remove, them.

- Technology. With his character description of Selas Serawen, Raphael has lifted up our world unto a certain level of technology already. Obviously, guns and rifles exist, but they do not seem to be common or standard.
I would like us to keep most of the available technology to a pre-industrial age level. That is: no cars, no electricity, no computers, etc.. Simple machinery is okay, but I’d rather have it powered by some kind of magic than any fuel our world runs on. Steam may be the uttermost, albeit not too common either.
Part of the reason for that is, that, although steampunk or cyberpunk are something great, it is a rather unoriginal thing these days.

- The High Council. I know we all like stories like Star Wars, or Pirates of the Caribbean, about an evil and corrupt rulership, and the rebellious underdog fighting against injustice and hunger for power in the government – especially in days like ours, when most world-politicians are just not that great and most elections are about choosing the lesser evil.
But can we please have a little bit of a nicer attitude towards our High Council? Supreme Chancellor is really a nice guy, and very wise and good at heart, and so are many of the other members of the council. Well.. of course there are those corrupt politicians that nobody likes, that are evil and greedy, and best should be hung from the highest window of the tower of Agath Helthe; and of course there are those who are weak-minded puppets, even in the council, but generally speaking, the government is a really good one.
Now, it hasn’t always been like this: The civil war bears witness of that. But even this lays back a few decades, and since then there has been a lot of cleansing happening.

- Language. I would like us to keep the language to a PG-13 level for the most part. Personally I am okay with a curse word in an “appropriate” context, if it iis not overstressed, and I know that most of us Europeans don’t see such a big problem with certain words, but beyond the great water (but also on our side) there are people that do. It is a cultural thing that I would like us to be aware of.
And the way I see it, we are all Christians here, and as such are called to be different from the world. And one main way to do that actually is found in our speech.
Also, too much cursing kind of destroys the fairy tale-ish character for me.

Rule Book

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