Eteluunta Desert

The Eteluunta Desert stretches across wide parts of the southern shore of Narod Rada. Due to the cold southern climate, as well as the chilling breezes that come from the ocean, the temperatures hardly ever reach the freezing point of anything above. Therefore the whole desert is covered in thick layers of snow all year long.

In the west of the Eteluunta the Frost Delta(etelä. Pakkannen Suiston) can be found. Here the Ishon Ren flows into the great ocean. Although the flow of the river can be traced on the surface, its actual mouth of it lies underground. On top the water freezes, leaving the arms of the river appear to be pure ice. They are used for quick transportation routes towards the north.

Towards the east of the desert stretches the Esath Theren mountain range, which forms part of the southeastern border of Narod Rada. It forms a connection to the Marshes of Nathnir over the Orvepath Helve.

The Eteluunta is inhabited by the Etelä. Their capital is the city of Linnä in the east of the desert, but many other settlements and trading posts can be found across the snowy plains, especially among the river delta.

A few animals and other beaasts can be found across the Eteluunta desert.
Ravens are rather large, dark-feathered birds, living especially at the edges of the snow desert. They are oftentimes tamed and found to be trained as carriers of messages.
Wendigos are tall, bipedal creatures, covered in grey or white fure. Their heads are crowned by two big curled horns. They said to be possessed by evil spirits and feed mostly on people.
Jäkarhus are bear-like carnivores, living and hunting in packs. They are known for their distinct howls that are oftentimes heard from great distances.

Eteluunta Desert

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