Capital of Narod Rada, location of the High Council

In the center lies the tower fortress Agath Helthe. On the lower levels the quarters of the city watch, as well as a garrison of soldiers, is located. The middle floors consist mainly of offices. Right above those can the accomodations of the Council members be found.
The top levels are formed by the Council rooms themselves, including, of course, the great Conference Room. The roof has been remodeled into an observatory and look-out point.

In front of the main gates of Agath Helthe lies a great courtyard, which hosts the great market daily throughout the week, except on Ornir. Here everything can be found, from the best crops and fruit of the Westlands, to the finest craftworks of the dwarfs from the east. If you are lucky you may even find precious jewellery from the elves, or even a nice fur-coat from the Etelä.

The outer districts are mostly living space for the many humans that inhabit the city. In the narrow streets one can also find those few craftsmen like blacksmiths and carpenters that prefer to have their own facility, rather than presenting their business out in the market place.


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