weapon (melee)

Thegisra is the sabre currently wielded by Selas Serawen. It is a seemingly old weapon, has a curved, single-edged, blade, and the hand guard pictures a flying mythological beast called the Thegisra (Bloodlust). It is mainly used by Selas when he runs out of ammunition, or his ranged weapons are too noisy for the situation. The blade hasn’t got the typical length of other sabres, which is perfect, as Selas seldomly engages in a one to one fight, but tries to stab his opponents from behind. The sabre has an interesting effect upon wielding it; either the time slows down just a tick, or the wielder is better in anticipating attacks of the enemy. Whatever it is, it makes the wielder pretty confident in battle.


Selas recieved the sabre long ago from Margys for completing a very tough quest. It has been one of his main weapons until he “found” the guns.


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