Thavren & Rhegashin


weapon (ranged)

Thavren & Rhegashin are two guns currently wielded by Selas Serawen, a human mercenary.


Thavren is a one shot gun with immense impact strength. The downside is, that it takes some time to reload the gun, so that the wielder can normally use the gun once in a battle.


Rhegashin is a multishot gun, which has a capacity of five shots. The impact strength is not compareable to Thavren’s but it is fast and still lethal, hitting the right spot. The reloading time is even longer than on Thavren, but Selas actually never had the need to reload in battle, for it would be his end.


Basically the bullets are made out of Vinithas, the hardest stone in Narod Rada. Typically they are then enhanced with some magic (Elemental Ammunition).
The magically enhanced bullets are made by Virath, a foreign mage. He hides in the sewers of Algaman, because he played a big role as an ally of the rebels in the great civil war. They are mainly used by Selas

Selas has different sets of ammunition. Along with the magically enhanced bullets he also crafts poison-drenched bullets by himself.

The descision if the possible effect of the bullet occurs, is in the hand of the Gamemaster.



Selas allegedly stole them on a reckon mission in the outer eastern regions of the world. He himself does not know how the mechanics work, even after disassembling and assembling numerous times it is not quite clear to him where the force to shoot the bullets comes from.


Nothing is known about the origin and the technology of the two weapons, although once in a while some gadgets and weapons with similar technology appear in the underground markets of Algaman.

Thavren & Rhegashin

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