Inventory ( Selas)

Inventory of Selas Serawen



  • Leather Uniform
  • Leather Boots


Ammunition Bag

30x Vinithas Bullets
30x Theso Bullets (Lower impact force)

10x Ice Bullets (Chance to freeze certain small areas)
10x Fire Bullets (Chance to burn certain small areas)
10x Wind Bullets (Chance of armor penetration)
10x Earth Bullets (Chance of throwing enemy to the ground)

20x Normal Poison (Chance of poisoning the enemy)
3x Deadly Poison (Chance of instant kill)

Poison Bag

3x Flask of Normal Poison

First Aid Bag

2x Bandage
1x Flask of Vinegar

Trick Belt

1x Cutting Knife
1x Bag of Nails
1x Bag of Powder
2x Ball of Yarn

Provisions Backpack

1x Canteen with Water
6x Beef Jerky
3x Honeycomb
1x Loaf of Bread
2x Big Mushroom


Inventory ( Selas)

Narod Rada seraphael