ADHD Elf, outcast from the other elves, comic relief


Elf, male
Age: Not sure, probably late 20’s/early 30’s (or elf equivalent, depending on how long they live in this world)

Appearance: Chin-length blonde hair, green eyes, slightly above average height, gymnast build. knee-length brown suede boots; lincoln-green cotte/tunic/shirt and leggings; leather or suede belt; forest-green, pointed, three-cornered hat (basically he looks like Robin Hood, or Link from Zelda :P But don’t judge him based on his attire).

Fighting: Like all Elves, he is a dead shot with a bow, and he’s pretty handy with swords and knives as well, particularly throwing knives. For a human his skills with weapons are spectacular, but for an elf he is below average, so he’s never thought of himself as particularly skilled at fighting. Fighting isn’t his passion, anyway. Has a tendency to get distracted in the middle of a battle and forget what he’s doing. He keeps enough awareness about him to keep himself from getting killed in such situations, but can’t be depended on to stay on task or to remember to follow orders, which is why he is only employed as a scout with the army instead of a fighting soldier, despite his skill.


Character and Personality: Enter the ADHD elf. Not the brightest bulb on the shelf, highly distractible, somewhat simple-minded. . . Not a very deep or philosophical character to all appearances (although he may have a deeper side to him that comes out later, but that’s yet to be determined). The one thing that he really excels at is climbing and traveling through the trees, in which he is more at home than a bird or a squirrel. He is never more content than when he is racing along the tree tops, leaping from branch to branch and tree to tree like the nimblest of monkeys, keeping pace with galloping horses on the ground below. In fact, if he is away from his beloved forests too long, he begins pining for the trees. He feels trapped on the ground. He has no fear of heights (although he is petrified of oceans, but that’s another story), and actually cannot sleep well unless he is a good 10 feet off the ground. Extremely athletic, parkour and gymnastics stunts are as natural to him as breathing. Prone to randomly burst out into song (primarily his own compositions) or lapse into brief periods of musing (which inevitably end up on numerous rabbit trails due to his ADHD.) Good-natured, cheerful, few things raise his ire (except the taunts of his brothers, but again, that’s another story). The events of life generally either bemuse or else don’t bother him. As long as he’s in his trees, he’s happy, and doesn’t really care much about what the rest of the world is doing. He doesn’t really give a hoot whether the Rebels or the Council are in power, as long as he has food to eat and his trees to climb. However, he is very loyal to Councilor Templeton for the kindness he showed him (see his history), although he doesn’t give much outward signs of caring. Despite his apparent lack of concern or care about the rest of the world’s business, when faced with an immediate, pressing situation, I think he can generally be prevailed upon to take the side of right.

History: Driven out by the other elves because of his inability to focus on a task, hold a steady job among them, or perform up to Elvin standards. He doesn’t seek revenge or reconciliation with the other elves; he just never talks about his past and presumably doesn’t think about it. Wandered around from place to place on his own, looking for work, until Gladys’s father, Councilor Cornelius Templeton, took pity on him and found him a job as a scout with the army (because he’s always up in the trees anyway and can cover a lot of ground in a short time, he’s perfect for the job).


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