Supreme Chancellor Alveris

Supreme Chancellor of the High Council of Narod Rada


Race unknown; he appears human, but something about him suggests otherwise. It may just be the general mystery that enshrouds him, but no one is sure.

Tall; thin but not scrawny; slightly wavy, shoulder-length hair, raven black on the left side of his head and snowy white on the right; stern and solemn, yet ageless face; piercing eyes which change color depending on his mood

Wears the standard epitoga robe attire of the High Council of Narod Rada.


Not much is known about the Supreme Chancellor, but he is looked up to and respected by all the Council Members. No one really seems to know where he came from or his family history, but he is extremely wise, and seems to sincerely desire the good of the people. Most of the time he seems quiet and thoughtful, but no-one is quite sure what storms could be brewing beneath the calm surface he presents.

Supreme Chancellor Alveris

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