Søren Vaikne


As you usually find it with one of the Etelä, Søren is taller than even most of the tallest humans, standing at 7 feet high. He is fair skinned, has clear, blue eyes, and his frizzy hair is blond, with a light tinge of copper). His beard is hanging down in braids from his chin.
His clothes are made of leather, and on his shoulders he wears a hooded cloak made of the dark-grey fur of a wendigo, once slain by his own hand.

Søren’s favoured weapon is his glaive ‘Kunnia’, a long staff, not unlike a spear, with a blade at its top, in shapes of sickles, falling back on the shaft on both sides.
Around his neck he also carries an enchanted talisman. With it’s help he can summon his pet Frykt, a spirit, that appears in his materialised form as a black, four-legged beast, about the size of a big house cat. He has four sets of claws and sharp teeth, and the short remains of a tail. His body is partly covered in wafts of dark mist. Although Frykt cannot cause much physical harm to even foes in lighter armour, he is yet a faithful companion in battle, able to strike fear or confusion in their hearts, by means of deception and illusion.

Søren has a calm and stern personality, not always sharing his thoughts freely with everybody. Deep inside he values what is good and honourable, and his heart can be more tender than his outward behaviour oftentimes suggests, which he mostly expressed only towards his pet-spirit Frykt.
Despite his young age, Søren has seen much fighting, and has been victorious in many battles. Knowing his own skill and experience, he does not always feel the need to ask others for aid, and indeed, oftentimes he would gladly die in battle, rather than being helped by an, in his eyes, inferior individual. He is very fond of his own family traditions, and takes much pride in his heritage. In his eyes a man (or sometimes a woman) is only as much worth as his skill with a weapon enables him to fight.


Søren Vaikne is the grandson of the great Hjalmar Vasara, one of the chieftains who united the scattered tribes of the Etelä under one banner in the days when the ghouls invaded from the Marshes of Nathnir. His father, Far Vastaa raised him up in firm tradition, telling him stories of the great battles of their fathers.
Søren grew up in the fort of Linnä, in the middle of the snowy Eteluunta Desert. Being viewed as a sort of prince among the members of his tribe, he always had the best and strictest education in fighting and hunting, and has fought on the frontlines of many wars.
Seeking fame and honour, Søren has been sent by his father in reaction to the High Council’s call for mercenaries to represent his people on the quest to investigate the fallen star in the west.

Søren Vaikne

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