Jill the Librarian


Female Dwarf

Age: 20 in dwarf years, 45 after the calendars of men

Even among dwarfs Jill is considered small, reaching only three feet above the ground. Because of her young age she has not yet gained the round figure characteristic for the sedate Librarians who are not used to walk distances longer than those from their shelves to the dining tables. Only recently the slim features of her freckled face have begun to display some of the beauty which had forsaken her throughout her teenage years. Jill doesn’t realize that, since she was raised and surrounded by women who only took interest in other qualities than looks.

Jill’s traveling outfit consists of a tight fitting short black gown without garments ending above her knees, under which she actually wears a pair of tights (dwarfs don’t scorn women wearing trousers as long as their thighs are covered) sticking into black fitted boots. Her linen dress is tightened by a black leather belt with a bronze buckle in the shape of a feather. She wraps herself in a hooded cloak of dark blue, patterned faintly with small silver letters. Nothing but a short knife is tucked into her belt, and the contents of her small backpack are unknown to all but herself except the occasional book she fetches from it to read.


Bly Baronthone, 36th Steward of Lexairanda and by his name first councelor of the Order of the Library, was born a daughter at the age of 200 by his third wife. As it was common for all daughters of the Stewards born in the first year of a decade, the baby was handed to the Order of the Library to be raised and taught by the Librarians, therefore losing all her titled privileges as a daughter of a steward. She didn’t get to wear her family’s name, which was substituted with the title ‘the Librarian’, used for all the members of the Order. A common name was given to her, and Jill the Librarian would never know the life of a sovreign but rather that of a sage. Although her fate was not due to lack of love or interest from her fathers side but simply owed to the customs of her people, Jill always resented her father for the life she was deprived of from the moment she was able to comprehend it, even though she never knew another life than which she was given.

Trying to compensate for the lack of respect she deemed dignified for her parentage, Jill put all her strength in climbing to the top of her Order, no matter to what costs. Since she was learning fast, it seemed easy for her to surpass her peers at first, but with the increasing complexity of her studies she found it more and more difficult to keep up the persistence needed to form a master out of a talent. But in learning to use her inherited political intuition, she was able to get what she wanted without the labour of those who truly desired excellence. So by the early age of twenty years she finally was where she wanted to be – at the top of her generation of Librarians, and she had every right to hope that at the time of her coming of age she would be elected First of her year, a title required for the career she dreamed for hemself an which would eventually gain her the position of the First of the Order, a position not less powerful than her father’s. But as it seems, there were other plans for her life than those she planned for herself.

Jill the Librarian

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