Half-breed (human/elf), mysterious vagabond


Halvin is the mysterious name he goes by. At least, most people knowing him say so. And “knowing” someone like Halvin is simply overstated.
Nevertheless, some say, he used to live in Thev Helmin, some believe, he is a vagabond who travels through all the lonely places known to man.Nobody knows where he originates from, nor if Halvin is his real name, since he travels by his own and rarely talks.
If he talks, however, one cannot disregard his deep insight into human nature (should go for other races as well, although we might lacking a word for that…) and strong opinions and beliefs.
He is said to have an unusual way with animals, since he lived in close touch with nature, moving smoothly through rough terrain, often vanishing into thin air in the blink of an eye.

Besides these vague descriptions by various people, there are some common observations:
He appears to be of average height, muscular but neither skinny nor obese and seems to be older than he appears, although guessing his age is almost impossible.
His ruffled dark hair and unkempt beard draw some years into his rather ageless face, which only shows wrinkles when his sharp mind is racing or when he is laughing. His clear and shrewd blue eyes and his only slightly weather-beaten skin won’t really help the case either.

One hint is given: There seems to be a loose affiliation with some of the elders in town, since they whisper his name every now and then.

And here comes the queerness: Noone seems to be able to classify him: His face and body show features of both human and elves, which suggests and supports the assumption of Halvin being a half-breed.

Halvin usually travels light, only carrying a waterskin and few belongings in a backpack, as well as his trusted composit bow, dual broadswords and a small axe for camping purposes.

His last name, as well as his origin, remain unknown.


Narod Rada Fona