Gladys Templeton

Daughter and only child of Councilor Templeton, sheltered and naïve, seeking adventure and to make her mark in the real world


Human, female
Age: early 20’s, possibly late teens
Appearance: Light brown hair and eyes, average height and weight. Not a particularly striking physical appearance
Borrowed peasant’s/hunter’s?? clothes and/or suit of chainmail/armor?. Not sure exactly. It depends on how she comes into the story. But she’ll be in some kind of disguise (at least at first) so that she is not recognized.

Fighting/Skills: She has some skill with a sword, having trained in dueling with her father for sport, but she’s honestly not much of a fighter. Her main contributions are her intellect, reasoning skills, and her optimism. Her knowledge of codes and ancient languages might come in handy, too. But overall she is just a youngster wanting an adventure, who doesn’t really know what she is getting herself into.


Character and Personality: Daughter of a Lower Council member, has lived a pretty sheltered life, naïve about many of the evils of the world. Instinctively trusting and has faith in the goodness of people, and believes justice always finally prevails. Believes there is evil in the world that must be fought, but has a hard time imagining any ulterior motives in anyone she comes into personal contact with; her tendency to give people the benefit of the doubt renders her rather gullible on occasion. Tends to categorize things in a black and white way, as either fully evil or fully good. Kind of “hero-izes” the High Council and believes that they and their government can and will do no wrong and are the dispensers of justice (this is partly due to her sheltered, one-sided upbringing). Idealistic, optimistic, enthusiastic, practical, let’s-do-this kind of personality; if something needs doing, she will immediately set about analyzing the best way to get it done and take initiative to start it. Tends to take charge if no one else is stepping up; can be somewhat bossy and demanding at times (this comes partially from her social position as the daughter of a council member), but she has good intentions and is only trying to help, unaware that she can be overbearing at times.

History: Grew up under the tutelage of her father, Councilor Cornelius Templeton, and has learned many of the arts of the scribe. As such, she is well-educated in book-learning, writing, and much of the laws, history, and literature of the day (at least that which is approved of by the Council). She also knows some of the old languages and writing systems from helping her father research ancient legal and historical documents and other writings. She is fascinated by codes and secret writings and is something of an amateur expert. Her father has also taught her logic, practical reasoning, and debate skills in order to help her understand the proceedings of the council when she sits in on their sessions.
Her mother died when she was young (or disappeared or something; at any rate, she hasn’t been much of a part of her life and doesn’t come into the story much), but she has a close relationship with her father. Since she is his only child, her father has spent much time training her in everything he knows, and often takes her to work with him. They have a decent sized home, not too big because there’s only the two of them, but not too shabby since he is a member of the Council. Although they have a happy life, Gladys wants to get out into the real world and “do something noble, to make history” in the world that she so far knows only secondhand from books. Thus, when she heard of the quest proposed by the Council, she snuck out of the house disguised in some borrowed ?peasant boy’s? clothes and is posing as a mercenary.

Gladys Templeton

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