Councilor Svag Petturi

Member of the High Council, Representative of the Etelä



About 7.3 ft tall, but usually slouching his back. His beard is cut short, and his eyes have lost their clearness that is usually found with the Etelä who live in the wilderness.

He wears a wide epitoga robe, as it is common in the High Council of Narod Rada


Svag Petturi was elected by the tribes to be their representative at the High Council in Algaman, when they realised the need for such office after the Civil War. He was chosen due to his, for an Etelä, unusually high interest in politics and words, as well as the human culture.
Since he has been living in the capital, Svag has adopted to the human lifestyle very much. Some might even say he has overshot his goals in the attempt to become well like and widely accepted in a foreign culture. As a result he talks too much sometimes, and is oftentimes viewed as a suck up by outsiders. For such obvious reasons he is viewed as weak, and sometimes even as a traitor, by many of his own people.
Despite these weaknesses Svag is an honest and goodhearted man though.

Councilor Svag Petturi

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