Al Nirin



Al Nirin is the supreme deity in the realm of Narod Rada.
He has folded the land out of the utter darkness at the beginning of time, and has planted all living beings on top of it. It is him who has formed the humans out of dust, and the Elves out of the dew that comes from heaven. He was the one who carved the Dwarfs out of the hillsides, and who raised the Etelรค out of the southern sea.

Some say he dwells in a palace that can be reached when travelling north for a long time, far beyond the Thev Helmin and the tropical lands that come thereafter. Some say his palace lays all away across the ocean, some that one would have to journey to the far side of the moon.
Some even claim that his palace can be reached by all of these ways, some that it cannot be done at all.

Al Nirin is worshipped mostly by the humans, although believing ones can be found among all of the races.
Maybe that is why he is said to be able to appear in the form of man. Legend tells of him wandering the land centuries ago, but now there have been no such sightings in a long time.
He is said to appear in a form, very similar to a human, and yet completely different, radiating a higher power and glory beyond understanding.


Al Nirin

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